【GOODS INFO】1/10(月・祝)まで、spinoidグッズを取り扱うオンラインサイトHACHIMAKIで年末年始セールを開催中!! spinoidグッズを20%~40%OFFでお買い求め頂けるチャンス!




詳細・購入はコチラ : https://hachimaki-goodsshop.jp/product/list?tag_codes=HCM-T-010

[GOODS INFO] Until 1/10 (Monday / holiday), the online site HACHIMAKI, which handles spinoid goods, is holding a year-end and New Year holiday sale !! It is a chance to purchase spinoid goods at 20%~40% OFF!
Click here for details and purchase: https://hachimaki-goodsshop.jp/product/list?tag_codes=HCM-T-010

If you have recently learned about spinoid or have some goods you don’t have yet, please buy them during this year-end and New Year sale period!!

Especially recommended is the spinoid goods set in the posted image
In addition to the booklet spinoid art book, canvas art, and a set of 3 postcards, a special shopper is included.

It is a recommended set product!
Please do not miss the latest information.

-Regarding purchases from overseas-
*We are very sorry but we only ship within Japan.
If you would like to place an order from elsewhere, please consider using transshipment services such as below;
※You can fill in the address of your transfer service agent as your registration address.

【GOODS INFO】1/10(월·축)까지, spinoid 상품을 취급하는 온라인 사이트HACHIMAKI로 연말 연시 세일을 개최중!! spinoid 상품을 20%~40%OFF로 입수해 주실 수 있는 기회가 되고 있습니다!
상세・구입은 이쪽 : https://hachimaki-goodsshop.jp/product/list?tag_codes=HCM-T-010

최근 spinoid를 알았다고 하는 분이나, 아직 가지고 있지 않은 상품이 있었다고 하는 분은, 꼭 이 연말 연시 세일 기간중에 입수해 주세요!!

특히 추천하는 것이 게재 이미지의 spinoid 상품 세트
소책자가 되는 spinoid 아트북, 캔버스 아트, 엽서 3장 세트에 가세해 특제 쇼퍼가 붙었다
추천 세트 상품입니다!

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